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What to expect from ME?

Movement Essentials (ME) recognises that everyone is different, and two people with the same condition, may require different treatment approaches.

We are active listeners, that take a pro-active, collaborative and client-focused approach to your physiothearpy needs. We think outside the box and pay attention to detail, so we can navigate your concerns. We are known for our knowledge in movement mechanics and combine our hands-on treatment, exercise prescription and cognitive behavioural change strategies to provide you with a tailored treatment plan, that is individualised to help you achieve your goals, with the vision to enhance your quality of life and wellbeing. 


What we can help with

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Our Space

Your Physiotherapy consultation is not limited to the traditional treatment bed and curtained area. Here at Movement Essentials (ME), we have purpose-built our facility with spacious areas for service delivery, an on-site gym with a sprint track for movement analysis & training, as well as an equipment-based Pilates studio to maximise stability and core training.

Depending on your needs, your treatment session can be in any of these spaces, or a combination-of! We are spoilt for options, which allows us to look after your physiotherapy needs, all under one roof (we even have a space for kids to be entertained for those who need to balance family life).

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