These policies are to enable Movement Essentials to provide essential, beneficial and high quality services at all times! We pride ourselves on preparing and providing you with individualised, high quality services. We ask that you are mindful and communicate at all times. Help us, help you and others with your personal health/exercise goals!!

In our practice, we do not refuse access to care based on age, gender, race, disability, Aboriginality, beliefs, ethnicity, sexual preference or health status. Clients have the right to know the qualifications of their treating health professional, see the Physiotherapist of their choice, refuse intervention, seek further opinion, provide feedback or make a complaint. Movement Essentials has the right to refuse to provide a service, where there are reasonable and non-discriminatory reasons for doing so. These include when a client has behaved in a threatening or violent manner, or there has been some other cause for a significant breakdown of the client-practitioner relationship.

Your Physiotherapist will discuss any possible risks and the benefits prior to proceeding with any treatment option. This is to assist you in making informed and appropriate decisions. You have the right to refuse or consent to any treatment options proposed to you. Once consent is given, you can also withdraw it at any time. You are encouraged to ask questions at any time. It is your responsibility to provide the physiotherapist with any relevant information that may impact on the level of associated risks with your treatment options.

To assist with your essential and high quality care, Movement Essentials is required to collect some personal and medical information from you. From time to time, Movement Essentials may also need to exchange your information with your doctors, medical specialists and other clinical treatment providers. Your information will also be used by us for administrative purposes, billing and within this company. In the case of a Workers Compensation, CTP or other insurance claim, it may be necessary to collect and/or disclose information to such associated third parties. Electronic details are stored via PowerDiary – our online practice management system. This system as fully encrypted systems with data stored on Australian shores and adheres to Australian electronic data storage laws. Movement Essentials privacy, and data storage polices are available for viewing and copy on request.

Movement Essentials always provides allocated appointment times with the physiotherapist to ensure the provision of high-quality care, at all times. Therefore, clients running late should call the clinic and inform Movement Essentials as soon as possible. Any late arrivals will result in reduction of consultation time. Arrivals of more than 10 minutes will require re-scheduling. Consecutive late arrivals that require re-scheduling, will result in a re-scheduling fee equivalent to the consultation fee of the last re-scheduled appointment. For non-attendance without notice of at least 12 hours, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Any cancellations provided at least 12 business hours prior to your appointment time, will be at no charge. I understand that cancellation fees cannot be charged to my Health Fund, as the service was not rendered.

Payments for services will be paid at the current rate of service on the same day of service. If treatment is related to Workers Compensation, CTP Third Party Insurance, or treatment services are cover by other third parties, your billing information will be released to these parties. It is the responsibility of the client to cover any outstanding accounts, should the claim be declined/not paid by the third party for any reason. For Chronic Care Plans (EPC), payments for all sessions are required in full, at Movement Essentials current fee schedule. Medicare may provide a potential rebate on any payment. Rebates can be processed on the spot on your behalf, by Movement Essentials. Cancellation fees (as per policy above) cannot be billed to third parties, and are billed directly to me in any instance


Movement Essentials utilises Tyro Merchant portal for on the spot Health Fund claiming (via HealthPoint) and EFTPOS/credit card/’tap & go’ payments. Direct bank transfers and PayPal payments are also accepted. Movement Essentials has a surcharge on all credit card/EFTPOS payments. These surcharges are dependent on the payment method, and information is available at the time of payment. 



In addition to cash, cheques, PayPal and direct bank transfers, the following cards are also accepted.


Movement Essentials takes class bookings by the block/school term. We understand that things don’t always go to plan and sometimes you cannot make your session. To ensure that we can provide essential, beneficial & high quality programs for all interested clients, we ask that if you cannot attend you session, that you notify us at least 24 hours prior to your start time. Notification can be provided via our online client portal, phone call, message left on our answering machine (if calling out of hours), an email, Facebook message or via our ‘contact us’ page on our website.

The following fees will apply for non-attendance/failure to provide notice at least 24 hours prior to your session start time:

For PREPAID/UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP programs: forfeit of your paid fees
For CASUAL bookings: 50% cancellation fee

Notice provided at least 24 hours prior to your program start time, will be at no charge (excluding unlimited memberships)

For sessions within the school holiday periods,

For UNLIMITED memberships: forfeit of your paid fee class (irrespective of notice)
For PREPAID programs: forfeit of your paid fee class (irrespective of notice)
For CASUAL bookings: 50% no show fees (for notice within 24 hours)

If you provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation/unavailability to attend a scheduled session, you will be entitled to a ‘make up’ session. Make Up Sessions can only be claimed within the following policy – 

  • with notice of non attendance of at least 24 hours
  • within a 2 week period of the affected session
  • within the same term of the affected session
  • in an available vacancy in any of our scheduled session
  • not in any school holiday session/program
Please note, no make up classes are available for holiday sessions or unlimited membership subscriptions.
Please contact the Movement Essentials team to organise your make up session. Changes to session bookings can also my managed by yourself via the client portal, as long as changes are made at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of your session start time.

Payments are to be completed PRIOR to commencement of class. To take advantage of up-front payments, these payments are to be paid prior to the commencement of the first session attended in the term. To take advantage of the ‘early-bird’ special, payments are due by the final day of the previous term, for the term you are paying for. For exact due dates for discounted rates, please communicate with our admin staff. In addition to cash, cheques, PayPal and direct bank transfers, the following cards are also accepted.

Memberships are debited on the Friday before the commencing week’s subscription. This is managed via payLeadr, and clients can manage their payment options independently. Subscriptions can be placed on hold with 2 week’s notice, for a maximum of 4 weeks. Subscriptions will be placed on hold by management over any closure period implemented by Movement Essentials. For any payment fails, additional fees may apply and contact will first be made by payLeadr to notify you, and then Movement Essentials if this is not resolved. 

This policy exists to protect employees, contractors and clients from contracting transmissible diseases such as COVID-19 and hepatitis. Clients are requested to utilise respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, distancing where possible and to reschedule appointments when they are feeling unwell or have a confirmed or potential infectious and transmissible disease 

Movement Essentials has a high-quality hygiene and cleaning policy and procedure to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. This includes, but not limited to, hand washing, use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, routine disinfecting and cleaning, safe management of sharps and effective reprocessing of reusable equipment and instruments. 

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