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Movement Essentials recognises that everyone is different, and two people with the same condition, may require different treatment approaches. We are dedicated to providing you with an individualised, person-centred approach that promotes health, wellbeing and enhanced quality of life. We are skilled and experienced in movement mechanics, manual therapy and communication to piece together a treatment plan tailored to help you, help yourself with your movement goals

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"Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.” Joseph Pilates

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A hand-picked team of passionate and high-achieving locals who thrive on solving problems and working together to achieve greatness

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"Helping You, Help Yourself to PRIORITISE SELF-CARE"

Our vision is to have a community that prioritises health, wellbeing and quality of life in a positive and sustainable manner. Our role is to help, empower and guide you to be equipped with the tools, knowledge and confidence to be in control of your movement capabilities. Our service delivery is proactive and client-focused, with a curative and proactive approach to movement and functional goals. We strive to combine our problem-solving and communication skills, with our attention to detail, movement mechanics knowledge and experience in manual therapy to provide you with thorough assessments and valuable care for you to achieve your movement goals. We pride ourselves on our professional, yet down-to-earth and approach as an experienced small family business.

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enter via the slip road near Ash Rd, or enter via Whyalla Place

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Movement Essentials is proud to partner with a number of local businesses, as well as provide a premise for some to operate from as well

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