COVID Lockdown @ Movement Essentials

COVID-19 Update

updated 11th October 2021

Please note: whilst NSW remains within lockdown restrictions, Movement Essentials remains open for critical physiotherapy care and telehealth (video and phone) consultations. During this time, we are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am to 6pm. Please note, we are on skeletal staff, so may be a bit slower to respond to calls, emails and correspondence. We ask that you leave messages where possible, and we will endeavour to return your call within 48 business hours.


Movement Essentials is committed to the safety of all those that enter our premise. All staff are fully vaccinated & we welcome all clients irrespective of vaccination status, following the public health order (fully vaccinated and those with medical exemption can access group services, those that are not vaccinated, can access 1 on 1 services until such time the Public Health Order indicates otherwise

It is exciting that we have been able to return to Pilates group classes as of Monday 11th October, whilst extending our physiotherapy services for all requirements and needs (rather than the lockdown restriction for care in critical cases only).

We have also commenced the ground work to return our ME Training Zone (gym-based) services, and look forward to welcoming all previous, current and new clients to our group services.
Movement Essentials is committed to the safety and hygiene for all those that enter our premise. We have strict cleaning and hygiene protocol's which have been extended in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. To read our COVID-19 Safety Plan, please click the 'We're COVID SAFE' icon

Kevin & Van Nguyen

During the lockdown period, Movement Essentials is operating in RED PLAN of our COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN

When NSW lifts restrictions after NSW hits 70% fully vaccinated target, Movement Essentials will downgrade to the ORANGE PLAN of our COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN

Please note: as per the expected Public Health Order, group services will only be made available to those that are fully vaccinated, have medical exemption or are under 16 with a fully vaccinated parent present. This is expected to be changed from 1st December 2021.

To see our ‘conditions of entry’ , please click the above image, or navigate to our HOMEPAGE for our full COVID Safety Plan


Movement Mechanics | Injury Prevention | Long Term Athlete Development | Youth Athletic Performance

ME Pilates

Individualised program in a small group setting | Reformer & Trapeze Beds | Balls, bands, rollers, weights & more

Strengthen ME

build strength | balance | mobility for life!


Musculoskeletal Pain | Work Related Injuries | Pre/Post Op | Whiplash | Joint Pain | Sports Injuries | Headaches & Migraines | Hypermobility

Prefer a video/telehealth consultation?

Movement Essentials continues to provide telehealth (phone and video) consultations as we navigate the exit from lockdown. To book, please call (02) 9602 4721 or visit our online booking page