About Us


"Helping You, Help Yourself"

“People prioritising self-awareness & self-care”


To influence the community to prioritise longevity in health, well-being and quality of life in a positive and sustainable manner.

​Our role is to help, empower and guide our clients to be equipped with the tools, knowledge and confidence to be in control of their movement capabilities 

“Helping Others, Help Themselves”

Movement Essentials combines our experience in movement mechanics, manual therapy and person-centred approach to provide care that is of value to our clients by promoting health, well-being and enhanced quality of life. We provide positively influencing movement abilities, and are committed to providing services with attention to detail, in a down to earth and approachable manner. We approach our service delivery by providing proactive client-focused services, with a curative and preventative approach to care. We value and promote individual health, well-being and enhanced quality of life

Movement Essentials is the second edition of Kevin & Van Pty Ltd’s (“the company”) commitment to helping others, help themselves. It was built with the focus to empower and share knowledge and understanding about movement in the daily life of individuals. We enjoy learning about individual’s lives and what they aspire to be able to physically do pain-free, and rely on our attention to detail, assessment skills and variety of treatment tools to move towards a lifestyle that includes effective commitments to movement, that not only improves people’s physical movement and functional capacity, but also enhances one’s overall health, well being and quality of life.

It is the succession plan from the original ‘Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio’ which focused on essential and beneficial physiotherapy and exercise based solutions. The company commenced “Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio” in 2012, where 2 (then) young, but professional Physiotherapists aspired to demonstrate that age does not equate to standard of care and delivery. Kevin & Van quickly stamped their mark in the delivery of Physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates solutions to a wide variety of clients and families in the local area, and expanded to a larger ground-floor premise in 2015. Here, they were able to expand their team and moved towards building a team of people with the shared vision of helping others, help themselves.

2020 marked a crossroads moment – a time to reflect the years gone past, a time to stop to review where to from here. At this moment in time, the company Directors were now married, with 3 children under the age of 3. Family, and children shifted life into a new perspective and there was an urgent need to extend our vision, values and mission to include family. 2020 also marked the global pandemic – COVID-19. A time of endless challenges, daily changes and a time to consider all things outside the box, but also that shone a light on the close people around us, and ourselves.

From a pivotal decision to close down our Casula premise, lay low and digest what COVID brought to us, we began looking for our next home. Then, the stars aligned, the Prestons location was swiftly secured and we commenced our collaboration with others, took on the adventure of building a gym for youth athletes and in this process realised, the name Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio would do this project no justice.

With the assistance of close ones, and a fantastic graphic designer, the Movement Essentials brand was born.

The Movement Essentials brand has identified key areas that we enjoy, are challenged by and as a result, are motivated to commit our attention to. These include –

  • expanding our target reach in delivery of our method and interpretation of Pilates
  • focusing on efficient movement in our youth, and emerging sporting athletes
  • embracing the positive effects of movement and exercise in all walks of life
  • educating others to have a strong understanding between “how” and “why” to achieve their “what”
  • inspiring our clients of all ages to focus on the “1 percenters” – to create, trust and implement “the process” to achieve their goals