Strength & Conditioning FOR KIDS

Join our mini movement and learn how to move your body efficiently! A program designed for primary-aged kids, focused on building stability and strength to support growth , physical skill execution and prevent injuries.

about MINI-ME

Helping kids get stronger move more enjoy movement perform optimally be mobile reduce injury risk move confidently develop physical resilience

How about services for the rest of my family?


ME services tailored for the growing and changing needs of teens (12 years+) – develop self-awareness of how to move your growing body safely and effectively for your physical activity needs. Transfer sound movement execution to your sport/recreational activity to maximise performance, reduce injury and promote optimal recovery.


Exercise solutions for all moments of adulthood – It doesn’t matter which stage of adulthood you are in, the ME team are experienced and passionate about optimising your movement function to match your current and future needs. We partner with you to provide both supervised and independent exercise solutions that help you achieve your movement goals


ME EXERCISE for those under 12years – services designed for primary-aged kids, that focuses on developing sound foundations of movement to support growth, optimise physical skill execution and prevent injuries.

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